Brittany and Cody’s story….

After Cody and I got married, we knew we wanted to get started right away on expanding our family. Cody and I have always dreamed of a bigger family and for McKenzie to have a sibling.
Little did we know that even after conceiving a child with no problems just a few years prior, that we would struggle this time around. After a year of trying we finally decided to go to a fertility specialist. After an exploratory surgery on me, I was diagnosed with endometriosis along with a few other small issues. After multiple medications and many failed attempts with insemination, Cody and I decided to look at all our options. We are now at the two year mark of trying to give McKenzie a sibling. After many discussions, we made an appointment with an adoption agency. We left the agency knowing with all our hearts that this was the next step in our journey.

The answer was Adoption.
Thank you for your help in helping us achieve this blessing.